Conversation Starters Conversation Starters

Healthy Eating: Conversation starters

Say why eating healthy is important.

“I care about you and want you to live a healthy life.”

“A healthy diet can help protect you from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, bone loss, and some types of cancer.”

“Little changes, like drinking water instead of soda and eating more vegetables and fruits, can make a difference in your health.”

Take the lead. Do it together.

“There are simple things we can do, like eating oatmeal or whole-grain cereal for breakfast.”

“Let’s go grocery shopping together for healthy foods.”

“Let’s try to cook and enjoy a healthy meal together at least twice a week.”

“Let’s try eating at least 2 vegetables with dinner.”

“Next time we go out to eat, let’s share a meal. Or we can each order our own, but only eat half. We’ll save the other half for lunch the next day.”

Offer to help.

“How can I help you eat healthy?”

“What is the hardest thing about eating healthy? What can I do to support you?”