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Finding cDNAs


Full-Length cDNA Projects

The content of this page is no longer maintained. Up-to-date information of full-length cDNA projects (and many other types of projects) may be found in the new BioProject database.

See: BioProject

The wide availability and usefulness of cDNA clones has spurred an interest in using a high-throughput approach to obtaining the complete sequence of full-length clones. This listing of projects which aim to produce the full-length sequence of at least 1000 distinct clones is presented to help scientists identify resources of interest. These resources include data, often simply sequence data, and also, where available, reagents.

Arabidopsis thaliana
    RIKEN Arabidopsis Full-Length cDNA Project
Bos taurus
    USDA-ARS Bovine Full-Length Insert cDNA Project
Ciona intestinalis
    Ciona intestinalis cDNA Project
Danio rerio
    NIH Zebrafish Gene Collection
Drosophila melanogaster
    Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
Homo sapiens
    German Human cDNA Project
    Kazusa cDNA Project
    NEDO Human cDNA Sequencing Project
    NIH Mammalian Gene Collection
Mus musculus
    NIA Mouse cDNA Project
    NIH Mammalian Gene Collection
    RIKEN Mouse Gene Encyclopedia Project
Pongo pygmaeus
    DKFZ Pongo pygmaeus cDNA project
Rattus norvegicus
    NIH Mammalian Gene Collection
Xenopus laevis
    NIH Xenopus Gene Collection



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