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  • Updated: 10/05/2010

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How Cancer Research Works

How Cancer Research Works icon

Learn about the rapidly evolving process of conducting cancer research — from basic discoveries in the laboratory to clinical treatments at the bedside — and the many steps involved in this dynamic process.

Cancer Research Process in the News
A collection of feature stories published in news publications on the cancer research process.

How the Cancer Research Process Works
Information from NIH institutes on the different kinds of cancer research, from basic research to genetically informed (or personalized) medicine.

NCI Therapeutics Platform
A model showing how NCI funded programs work together to advance genetically informed (or personalized) medicine.

NIH Clinical Center
The Clinical Center promotes translational research — the transference of scientific laboratory research into applications that benefit patient health and medical care.

The Center for Cancer Training
Details on NCI’s training and career development programs, which help new and experienced researchers prepare to face future challenges and opportunities in cancer research.