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  • Updated: 10/05/2010

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Understanding Cancer Statistics

Understanding Cancer Statistics iconIn 2010, an estimated 1,529,560 Americans were diagnosed with cancer, and 569,490 died from the disease.  Cancer exacts an enormous economic, emotional, and physical cost on families and society.

Though the full impact of cancer is impossible to quantify, many sources of statistics are available on cancer incidence, mortality, and prevalence rates, as well as the economic cost of the disease. This section provides links to reliable data and resources to help make the information more understandable.

Cancer Research Making a Difference
Highlights of progress in cancer research since the National Cancer Act of 1971, including improvements in mortality and prevention.

Incidence, Prevalence, and Mortality: The Human Burden of Cancer
View definitions, reference materials, and links to brief statistics for each major cancer type.

The Cost of Cancer
View information about the cost of cancer care and links to more information.

Cancer Site Snapshots
Easy-to-use 2 page overviews on major cancer types, special populations, and scientific topics that convey key information from across NCI on disease incidence and mortality, funding trends, relevant research activities, and recent scientific advances.

Glossaries and Reference Material
Definitions of common terms, NCI terminology, and statistical measures of cancer, such as incidence and mortality.