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Getting Started Using GSA

GSA provides centralized procurement for the federal government, offering products, services, and facilities that federal agencies need to serve the public. GSA offers businesses the opportunity to sell billions of dollars worth of products and services to federal agencies.

For more information: GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service
For federal agency buyers: How to buy through GSA
For sellers/businesses: How to sell to the government
For new users: Help getting started on

GSA is the government’s landlord, providing office and other workspace services for the federal government. GSA helps federal agencies build and acquire office space, products, and services by contracting with federal and commercial sources. Learn more information about real estate services provided by GSA.

GSA serves the public and makes government easier by offering free access to and information about government programs with these websites:

The National Contact Center provides free telephone assistance at 800-FED-INFO, with email and online assistance to the public.

Order publications and GSA Global Supply™ catalogs, and subscribe to the GSA MarkeTips magazine using the Centralized Mailing List Service.

GSA also has a role in developing and overseeing governmentwide policies. The policy tab at the top of the page offers the full range of GSA’s policy initiatives. 

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