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AIDS Research Program (ARP)

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Established in February 2005, NIDA's AIDS Research Program (ARP) utilizes a multifaceted approach to support HIV/AIDS research within NIDA as well as across NIH Institutes and other DHHS agencies. The primary goal of ARP is to support the development, planning, and coordination of HIV/AIDS priority research within NIDA's intramural and extramural programs, in order to ensure an integrated vision and strategy to guide HIV/AIDS research throughout NIDA.

ARP provides direction and leadership for the ongoing development of an innovative and multidisciplinary HIV/AIDS research portfolio that addresses the current and unique dimensions of drug use and abuse as they relate to HIV/AIDS. The development and implementation of NIDA's HIV/AIDS Research Program is guided by the role of drug use and its related behaviors in the evolving dynamics of HIV/AIDS epidemiology, natural history/pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention, in coordination with the current priorities and objectives of the FY 2013 Trans-NIH Plan and Presidential By-Pass Budget.

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AIDS Research Program
National Institute on Drug Abuse
6001 Executive Blvd, MSC 9581
Bethesda, MD 20892

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Director Nora Volkow presenting at the AIDS 2012 conference

New Frontiers in NIH AIDS Research at the XIX International AIDS Conference

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