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The e-mail address above is intended for General Inquiries, Feedback and Comments only. When you send us your e-mail address we will not share it with anyone outside of the United States Mint; we will use it to respond to your requests for information only. For further information on these policies and authorities, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Please be aware that information we receive via the Internet is not protected or secure. Therefore, any e-mail we receive at this or any other e-mail address on our site with sensitive personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, order numbers, etc., will not be processed and will be deleted.

Please note that this e-mail address cannot be used to resolve tour reservations or scheduling issues. Information about tours and tour reservations can be found on the Tours and Sales Centers page.

The United States Mint's e-mail address should not be used to place catalog orders or resolve problem orders. To do this, please click on Customer Service and follow the instructions there.

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