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Staff Listings

Office of the DESPR Director (OD)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Compton, Wilson M.D. Director (301) 443-6504
Conway, Kevin, Ph.D. Deputy Director (301) 443-6504
Brodsky, Marc M.S. Statistician (301) 402-1849
Brown, Garveyette Program Assistant (301) 435-1329
Glantz, Meyer Ph.D. Associate Director (301) 402-1503
Hutzler, Ann Contractor (301) 402-1586
Moore, Linda Extramural Support Assistant (301) 443-8769
Epidemiology Research Branch (ERB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Lopez, Marsha Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 402-1846
Deeds, Bethany Ph.D. Deputy Branch Chief (301) 402-1935
Etz, Kathy Ph.D. Social Science Analyst (301) 402-1749
Finger, Matthew M.A. Scientific Editorial Assistant  
Hartsock, Peter Ph.D. Scientist Officer (301) 402-1964
Hilmi, Nahla M.P.H. Project Manager (301) 443-2198
Lambert, Elizabeth M.Sc Health Scientist Administrator (301) 402-1933
O'Brien, Moira M.Phil. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 402-1881
Schulden, Jeffrey M.D. Medical Officer (301) 402-1526
Vullo, Genevieve Project Analyst (301) 402-1850
Weinberg, Naimah M.D. Medical Officer (301) 402-1908
Services Research Branch (SRB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Chandler, Redonna Ph.D. Branch Chief (301) 443-8768
Jones, Dionne Ph.D. Deputy Branch Chief (301) 402-1984
Denisco, Richard M.D. Medical Officer (301) 594-4371
Ducharme, Lori Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-2279
Duffy, Sarah Ph.D. Health Economist (301) 451-4998
Fletcher, Bennett Ph.D. Senior Research Psychologist (301) 443-2274
Hilton, Thomas Ph.D. Social Scientist Analyst (301) 435-0808
DeChabert, Brandin Extramural Support Assistant (301) 435-0015
Prevention Research Branch (PRB)
Name Title/General Duties Phone
Harold Perl, Ph.D. Acting Branch Chief (301) 443-6504
Reider, Eve Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 402-1719
Crump, Aria Sc.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 435-0881
Diana, Augusto Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-1942
Jenkins, Richard Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-1923
Lloyd, Jacqueline Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 443-8892
Robertson, Elizabeth Ph.D. Senior Advisor for Prevention Research (301) 402-1720
Sims, Belinda Ph.D. Health Scientist Administrator (301) 402-1533
Evans, Syreeta Extramural Support Assistant (301) 443-8662


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Featured Publication

Featured Publication

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior - The Science of Addiction

As a result of scientific research, we know that addiction is a disease that affects both brain and behavior.

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