Welcome to inROADS
inROADS - the Information Network for Resident Online Access and Delivery of Services - evaluates you for possible eligibility and allows you to apply / review for benefits offered by the state of West Virginia and lets you check on your benefits information online.
Here is how inROADS can help you:
Click on "Self-Screening" to evaluate for possible eligibility. The self-screening process can tell you if the household and the members of the household are potentially eligible for benefits.
Apply/Review For Services
Click on "Apply/Review For Services" if you wish to complete an application for benefits or you have received a notice from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR) regarding a review.

My Benefits Account
Click on "My Benefits Account" to check your benefit information. My Benefits Account also lets you know if you need to do something to receive or keep receiving benefits.

Community Partner
Click on "Community Partner" to log on as a Community Partner organization (worker in a hospital, health center, etc).