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Translationally-Oriented Approaches, Devices & Strategies (TOADS) Workgroup

What We Do:

The TOADS Workgroup promotes the application of state-of-the-art technologies that are being used successfully in other disciplines (e.g., virtual reality) for the purposes of studying, preventing and treating drug abuse and related NIDA programmatic areas (e.g., pain). TOADS activities include organizing guest speakers who employ and develop technologies and methods that have potential for translation into drug-abuse research, as well as organizing and vetting potential funding opportunity announcements to promote translation of technologies into drug abuse research and treatment.

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To explore the exciting possibilities of applying new approaches, devices and/or strategies to problems of substance abuse, many areas of expertise are clearly needed. TOADS activities are therefore a multidisciplinary effort, where input, cooperation and interaction among the various NIDA divisions and offices is essential. For example, basic research-oriented individuals are invaluable in the assessment of the effectiveness of applying the various technologies with respect to mechanistic models of drug abuse, pharmacologists and chemists are critical to understanding potential issues in translation of some some technologies, and clinically-oriented NIDA staff will be needed to evaluate the clinical utility and effectiveness of the new technologies as primary, complimentary or adjunctive preventive or treatment interventions.

Membership is ongoing, and new membership is encouraged. If you are interested in being a part of TOADS, please contact Jim Bjork (see below). TOADS meets bimonthly, with some meetings scheduled around or replaced by a talk and lunch with an invited speaker.

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  • James M. Bjork, Co-Chair
    (301) 443-3209
    Division of Clinical Neuroscience and Behavioral Research

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Featured Publication

Featured Publication

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