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Food Inspector & Consumer Safety Inspector Positions
Entry-level food inspectors in private commercial slaughtering plants provide the first line of defense against diseased and adulterated meat and poultry. They are responsible for much of the day-to-day in-plant inspection of animals before and after slaughter.
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How to Apply for a Job as a Food Inspector / Consumer Safety Inspector

One career path for a food inspector is to the consumer safety inspector position. Consumer safety inspectors work in one or more privately owned meat, poultry, and egg processing plants. They ensure the plant is operating within its written plans for HACCP, sanitation, and processing.

In addition, they conduct regulatory oversight activities inside the plants in matters relating to other areas of consumer protection, e.g., misbranding.

Another career path for a food inspector is to the import inspector position. Import inspectors are stationed at ports and other points of entry to the United States. They make sure that products imported from other countries are as safe as those produced domestically.

Inspectors comprise the largest category of employees in the agency, with over 7,500 nationwide. To qualify for an entry-level position, you must pass a written test and have either a Bachelors degree or 1 year of job-related experience (in the food industry). This experience must demonstrate knowledge of sanitation practices and control measures used in the commercial handling and preparation of food products for human consumption. Qualifying experience should also demonstrate skill in applying, interpreting, and explaining standards in a food product environment.

Graduating seniors may submit an application up to 9 months prior to graduation.

For more information call FSIS Human Resources
1-800-370-3747 (Minneapolis, MN) or visit us online at http://www.foodsafetyjobs.gov.

Last Modified: March 6, 2006



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