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Fact Sheets: Information Sources

Asian and Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials Web Tool
(Reviewed: 06/22/2009) - A fact sheet about the APICEM Web tool, which offers health-care providers a place to search for Asian-language cancer education materials for patients by specific Asian language, by cancer site, or by screening topic. This effort is supported by NCI.

Cancer Clinical Trials
(Reviewed: 04/27/2010) - A fact sheet that describes types of clinical trials, who sponsors them, how they are conducted, how participants are protected, and who pays for the patient care costs associated with a clinical trial.

Cancer Fund-Raising Organizations
(Reviewed: 01/12/2010) - A fact sheet that offers suggestions on how to evaluate charities and provides names of organizations that monitor charity fund-raising practices.

Donating Tissue for Cancer Research: Biospecimens and Biorepositories
(Reviewed: 08/31/2010) - A fact sheet that describes the importance of biospecimens and biorepositories in cancer research, and NCI's efforts to increase the availability of high-quality biospecimens. Also explains how patients and others can help support research that uses biospecimens.