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Fact Sheets: About NCI

Cancer Clinical Trials at the NIH Clinical Center
(Reviewed: 03/03/2010) - A fact sheet about clinical trials at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

Cancer Research Funding
(Reviewed: 06/02/2011) - A fact sheet about the National Cancer Institute's funding of cancer research.

Care for Children and Adolescents with Cancer
(Reviewed: 05/19/2008) - A fact sheet about children's cancer centers and health care approaches, including clinical trials for children with cancer.

Drug Discovery at the National Cancer Institute: Fact Sheet
(Reviewed: 06/06/2006) - A fact sheet about how the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has played an active role in the development of drugs for cancer treatment for over 40 years.

National Cancer Institute Evaluation of Scientific Hypotheses
(Reviewed: 07/10/2006) - A fact sheet about where to submit theories on cancer, the evaluation of these theories, and information about NCI's grant process.

NCI's Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program
(Reviewed: 11/23/2009) - A fact sheet about the NCI program for academic institutions and treatment centers that work with NCI to design and conduct clinical trials.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute and Its Relation to NCI: Fact Sheet
(Reviewed: 02/18/2005) - A fact sheet about the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which was originally created by the National Cancer Institute in the 1940s to focus attention specifically on cancer research by providing the first venue for publication of exclusively cancer-related scientific papers.

The National Cancer Institute
(Reviewed: 06/14/2011) - A fact sheet about the National Cancer Institute, a component of the National Institutes of Health.