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Fact Sheets: Support, Coping, and Resources

Advance Directives
(Reviewed: 03/07/2000) - A fact sheet that explains informed consent and end-of-life issues during advanced or terminal disease.

End-of-Life Care for People Who Have Cancer
(Reviewed: 05/10/2012) - A fact sheet that answers some of the questions patients, their family members, and caregivers may have about the end of life.

Home Care for Cancer Patients
(Reviewed: 03/09/2009) - A fact sheet about the various services provided by home care agencies and financial assistance available from government, public, and private agencies.

(Reviewed: 04/18/2006) - A fact sheet about hospice care, including insurance coverage.

How To Find Resources in Your Own Community If You Have Cancer
(Reviewed: 08/05/2005) - A fact sheet that discusses the types of help that are available to people with cancer and where to find these services.

Palliative Care in Cancer
(Reviewed: 03/16/2010) - A fact sheet that describes the role of palliative care, which is comfort care given to a patient who has a serious or life-threatening disease, such as cancer, from the time of diagnosis and throughout the course of illness.

Understanding Cancer Prognosis
(Reviewed: 05/11/2012) - A fact sheet about predicting disease outcome and recovery, and how statistics help doctors estimate a cancer patient’s prognosis.