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We know you’ve got what it takes to be a winner! The National Archives has designed unique challenges to inspire the public to utilize government records in new and interesting ways. The National Archives hosts contests on, as well as other social media platforms.

Featured Contests

Document Your Environment Student Multimedia Contest

The National Archives invited students ages 13 and up to submit multimedia presentations inspired by one of the 15,000 Documerica photos at the National Archives.

The contest ran from November 1, 2011 to January 6, 2012 on the platform. Winners were chosen by age group in the categories of Graphic Art, Poetry, and Video. The Grand Prize Winner was Anna Lee for her graphic art, "iRevolution."

To see all of the finalists in the contest, view the slide show and video below:

Recent Contests

I Found It in the National Archives

Have you discovered something special at the National Archives? Tell us your story!

This contest ran from June 9, 2011 to August 9, 2011 on the Tumblr platform. Members of the public were invited to share their stories about records they’ve found in the National Archives. Submissions were limited to 400 words for essays and 2 minutes for video. The Grand Prize Winner was John M. Lawlor, Jr. for “More than a World War II Folk Art Map.”

History Happens Here!

The History Happens Here! Augmented Reality Photo Contest ran from December 9, 2010 to January 21, 2011. This contest encouraged members of the public to submit photographs that “mashed up” the present day with the historical image. This contest utilized both and Flickr. The group of History Happens Here! finalists are below:

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