• Reviewed on 2/06
    By Dr. Tinkelman & Ann Mullen, RN

The Asthma Wizard

Hello kids! Meet The Asthma Wizard! He is an expert about asthma, and he's here to teach kids like you everything he knows, so let's get started.




How many kids have asthma?

Asthma is one of the most common chronic illnesses affecting children in this country. As many as 5% of children less than 15 years old, or almost 5 million children, have asthma. Asthma is the most common pediatric chronic lung disorder.

What can I learn from The Asthma Wizard?

The Asthma Wizard will guide you through each chapter to help you learn all about asthma and how it affects kids. The Asthma Wizard speaks English and Spanish, so you can select your language above to get started and go to the list of chapters. Each chapter has an introduction, learning objectives, background information, developmental issues and lots of fun activities for kids.

What activities will I get to do with The Asthma Wizard?

The Asthma Wizard has all kinds of fun activities that will help you learn about asthma. You can become The Asthma Wizard''s apprentice, complete a jigsaw puzzle and go on a treasure hunt, just to name a few!

Asthma Programs

At National Jewish Health, we offer a range of treatment programs to meet the specific needs of pediatric patients with mild to severe asthma.

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