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How to Apply to the SEC

1. Identify the Job You Want

This web-site provides information under the major occupations for which the SEC hires. You should identify the position of interest to you and follow the specified link to further application information. Some general guidance by position type is noted below.

a. Attorney, Accountant, Examiner, Economist, Market Specialist/Industry Professional and IT Positions

The SEC fills positions for attorneys, accountants, examiners, economists, market specialists and IT specialists in several ways. Many job postings can be found on the SEC Recruitment Center. If you do not see an immediate opening of interest to you, we encourage you to register to become a part of our Talent Pool.

Time-Limited Job Vacancy Announcements

Some jobs are open for time-limited periods. You can find those on SEC Recruitment Center. Links to the applications are posted on as well.

Rolling Job Vacancy Announcements

Other positions, such as those for many of our experienced attorneys, have announcements that are continuously open. Candidates are reviewed on a rolling basis.

b. Fellows

The SEC hires fellows in a number of areas of expertise as well as a number of occupations. Fellows are hired with an initial appointment of two years, extendable to a maximum of four years in total. Examples include fellows hired into the Office of the Chief Accountant and the Division of Risk, Strategy and Financial Innovation. You may submit questions related to opportunities for fellows to

c. Student Positions

The SEC hires undergraduate, graduate, and law students throughout the summer and school year. More information about student programs can be found here.

d. Other Positions

The SEC hires many other staff members to support its mission in other categories. Position types include financial analysts, procurement/contract specialists, human resources specialists, paralegals, secretaries, and administrative services specialists. These positions are posted on USAJobs as they become available. We encourage you to visit the USAJobs' First Time User's Guide to register to be notified of new opportunities.

2. Review the Job Announcement Carefully

Each vacancy announcement specifies the duties, qualification requirements, ranking factors and application forms and procedures. You should use the description to determine whether you have the requisite background needed for the position.

3. Carefully Follow the Application Instructions

Required application materials and instructions regarding where the application must be submitted vary from announcement to announcement. You may apply for most jobs with a resume as long as it contains the information required by the vacancy announcement. For jobs that are filled through automated procedures, you must submit a resume and other specialized forms. Jobs with unique qualifications may require copies of transcripts, licenses or certifications. It is essential that you follow the application instructions in the vacancy announcement to which you are applying. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We encourage you to apply well in advance of the application closing date in order to meet the application requirements.

4. Receive an Evaluation of Your Application

Your application will be reviewed to determine whether you meet the education and/or experience requirements for the position of interest, as stated in the vacancy announcement. If you meet the basic qualification requirements, your application package will be evaluated to determine the best-qualified candidates based on job-related criteria. Evaluation procedures vary and will be specified in each announcement. In all cases, the evaluation is based on the application material you originally submitted.

5. Interview for the Job

The names and applications of the highest-ranking candidates are referred to the supervisor or selecting official. She/he may interview candidates in person or by telephone. In rare cases, she/he may make a hiring decision based solely on the application material. Selection procedures are subject to Federal Civil Service laws, which ensure that all applicants receive fair and equal treatment in the hiring process.

Equal Employment Opportunity

All qualified candidates competing for employment will receive consideration for all positions without regard to age, color, disability, genetic information, national origin, political affiliation, pregnancy, parental status, marital status, sex (including gender identity), sexual orientation, race, religion or any other non-merit factors.

The SEC welcomes and encourages applications from persons with physical and mental disabilities and will reasonably accommodate the needs of those persons. More information about the SEC's accommodations program and Disability Program Office can be found here.

Modified: 09/13/2011