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Community Health Expo 2012

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Research, Training, and Outreach to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities

Poor people are at greater risk of being diagnosed and treated for cancer at late stages of disease.

Death rates from lung cancer are four to five times higher in the least educated than in the most educated individuals.

African American males have the highest incidence and mortality rates for colon, prostate, and lung cancers.

The Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities (CRCHD) is central to NCI's efforts to reduce the unequal burden of cancer and eventual elimination of cancer health disparities through research, training, and outreach.

Explore the CRCHD Web site to learn more about how the Center is advancing the science of cancer health disparities through basic, applied, and clinical research; training the next generation of cancer and cancer disparities researchers from underrepresented populations; and developing and disseminating culturally appropriate education and outreach.

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Community Health Expo 2012: Highlights

Read more on the success of the Community Health Expo 2012, a public event designed specifically to attract racially and ethnically diverse communities from the National Capital Area (NCA) to bring awareness about healthier lifestyles and the need for biospecimen research.

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