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  • Updated: 12/23/2011

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Small Business Partnerships

Basic Research and Technology Development

Technology Transfer

  • NCI Technology Transfer Center
    TTC establishes collaborations with universities, industry, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop research software, therapeutics, vaccines, devices, diagnostics, research reagents, and other technologies.

Partnerships with NCI Intramural Research Programs

  • Office of Science & Technology Partnerships
    OSTP makes new technologies and scientific resources available to CCR investigators through partnerships, collaborations, contracts, and other technology transfer agreements with organizations including the private sector.

Clinical Opportunities for Technology Development

View the video below to learn about the NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer Program

You will need Adobe Flash Player 8 or later and JavaScript enabled to view this video.

Nanotechnology allows researchers to study cancer in its earliest stages of progression, enabling early detection and development of novel therapies to target the disease.