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Associate Fellowship Program

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Questions About the Application Process

General Questions About the Program

Questions About the Application Process

Who may apply for the Associate Fellowship Program?

  • U.S. and Canadian citizens with an earned Masters degree in an ALA-accredited library/information science program by August of the fellowship year. The international program is focused on Sub-Saharan Africa. International applicants should visit the international associates page or contact the Project Director for more information.


Is an undergraduate degree in the sciences necessary for participation in the program?


Is the program only for recent graduates?

  • Yes, the program is intended for librarians who have recently completed their degree, within about 2 years.


How do I receive an application?

  • You may download an application from the Associate Fellowship Program page. If you cannot obtain a copy electronically, contact us.


Why do the program materials and phone number refer to ORISE and Oak Ridge, Tennessee?

  • The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) manages the application process through an interagency agreement. ORISE is based out of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


When will I find out if I'm selected for an interview and how will I be notified?

  • There is not a standard notification date for potential interviewees. Generally, notification is received in March or April. If you are selected for an interview, the Program Coordinator will contact you by phone or email.

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General Questions About the Program

How many Associate Fellows will be selected to participate in the program?

  • Up to eight qualified Associate Fellows may be selected.


Are Associate Fellows paid a stipend?

  • Fellows are paid a monthly stipend ($50,408 annually for 2009, plus a monthly health insurance stipend). They are not government employees and therefore do not receive government employee benefits. Taxes are not deducted from the stipend; it is the fellow's responsibility to make estimated tax payments.


Are there any arrangements for Associate Fellows to obtain benefits?

  • Yes. ORISE offers a health and prescription insurance plan that will deduct the premium from your monthly stipend, but you are free to obtain insurance from any source. You must have health insurance to participate in the program.


What can you tell me about the optional second year?

  • See the Program Features on the Web page for information about the optional second year. If you need additional information, please contact us.


Is the webinar session available for viewing?

  • The Associate Fellowship Program's free webinar session, previously recorded January 13, 2009, consists a short presentation about the Associate Fellows program followed by a discussion by current 1st and 2nd year Associates about the application and interview process, in addition to Q&A with online and telephone participants.

    The webinar session is available at:


Where can I find more information about Tobacco-Free NIH?

  • To help ensure health and well being of its staff and all those who visit the NIH, the NIH maintains a tobacco free work environment and campus. More information can be found at:

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