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NLM Associate Fellows' Selected Projects

2008-2009 Associate Projects
  • Retracted Publications: Analysis of Trends

  • Google Maps Software Analysis for an Environmental Health GIS Resource

  • Citation Analysis: A Useful Outcome Measure for Research Grant Impact

  • Translation Science Projects: Tagging NIH Basic Science Research Papers for Translational Science Research; Determining the Outcome of Basic Research at the NIH

  • Next Generation Discovery Interface - An Environmental Scan and Recommendations

  • Disaster Information Specialist Activities and Survey Evaluation Project, Phase I

  • Develop a Suite of Quick Tour Learning Packages

  • Enhancement of the Circumpolar Health Topics Section for the Arctic Health Website

  • Search Engine Optimization: NLM Main and MedlinePlus

  • UMLS User Documentation Project: Adding a UMLS Technical Reference Manual for the NCBI Bookshelf

2007-2008 Associate Projects
  • Building Search Strategies to Automatically Retrieve MEDLINE/PubMed Citations relevant to Care Planning Development Using Interdisciplinary Team Notes Extracted from Electronic Medical Records

  • Disaster Information Specialist Activities

  • De-Identification of Data Elements in Clinical Records

  • Revisiting Term Normalization in UMLS

  • Addressing the Need for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Health Information for Newly Arriving Refugee Populations

  • Analysis of Library Statistics as Performance Measures and Management Tools

  • Developing a Public Health Workforce Development Section for

  • Sharing Experiences and Lessons Learned from Library Roles in Emergency Planning, Response and Recovery

  • Selective Sampling of NLM’s Coverage of Disaster-Related Grey Literature

  • Localizing PubMed and Promoting Resource Sharing Using Library LinkOut in Developing Countries

  • Publication Productivity of Nigerian Biomedical Researchers (1996 – 2007)

  • Central American Network for Disaster and Health Information Network (CANDHI) Project Development and English Language Document Review

  • Assessing Differences Between Print and Online Versions of Journals

  • Investigating Web 2.0 Applications for NLM Consumer Products

  • Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) Multi-Media Tour

2006-2007 Associate Projects
  • Focus Group of Veterinarians: Analysis of Information Needs and Information-Related Behavior

  • Initiating an Evaluation for MedlinePlus Go Local, Including a Descriptive Study of Go Local Today

  • Improving NLM’s Podcasts

  • TOXMAP Log File Analysis and Multi-Media Tour

  • Enviro-Health Kids Portal: Links to Excellent Environmental Health Children Resources

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Feasibility Study

  • Library Roles in Disaster Response: Learning from Examples of Recent Disasters

  • Annotated Bibliography on Native American Healing

  • Medical Terminology

  • Development and Design of Online Collection Disaster Response Guidance for NLM Preservation Webpage

  • Integrating WISER into Emergency Preparedness and Response Curricula

  • Structured Abstracts in MEDLINE, 1992 – 2006

  • An Online Census of Historical Medical Films for Historians and Sociologists of Science, Medicine and Public Health, Health Professionals, and Film Historians

  • Analysis of the Usage of the PubMed Bookshelf with a View to Better Meeting User Needs

  • Bibliometric Analysis of Published Literature in PubMed About Mali or Written by Malian Authors

2005-2006 Associate Projects
  • Preparation of a Nanotechnology Subject Review for LSTRC

  • Analysis of Information Policy and Vocabulary Issues Related to Health Data Standards

  • Improving Access to Related NLM Resources Through PubMed Discovery Initiative

  • NLM Intranet Redesign

  • Are ‘The Bottom Line’ (TBL) Summaries in the SMS (Text Messaging) Search Method for MEDLINE/PubMed Accurate?

  • Impact Analysis of the NIH ITK Open Source Software Initiative

  • Compiling a Directory of Oral History Programs in the History of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Analysis of Vocabulary Issues Related to Consumer Health

  • Analysis of Online Serial Publications with Ceased Print Versions

  • An Analysis of Evaluation Efforts for NLM-Funded Outreach Contracts

  • Using Bibliometric Methods for Analyzing Publication Activity

  • Developing an Awareness and Information Services Program for NLM Information Resources in Mozambique

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