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Tips to Stay Motivated with a Walking Plan

 Ask other people to walk with you. Find a partner or a group. When you know someone else is waiting for you, it keeps you going
 Wear comfortable shoes and good socks to help cushion your feet
 Wear clothes that are right for the season. Try using layers of clothing in the cold weather to keep you warm, and cotton clothes in the summer to keep you cool
 Drink plenty of water. It doesn't have to be that fancy bottled stuff — get your own container and keep it filled with plenty of regular water. Carry it with you if you can
 Don't forget to stretch before you walk. Try to start off slowly
 Be safe — pay attention to your surroundings
 Walk in a safe place that has plenty of lights in the evening. Try walking around a local school's parking lot, or going to the mall
 Try to walk at least three times a week. It may seem like a lot at first, but you will gradually build up
 Try to think of your walk in three parts. Imagine a warm-up period at the beginning, challenge yourself with a brisk pace in the middle, and finally picture a cool-down. You can feel success when you finish each part

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