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NCES Position Vacancies

EdHIRES is the Department of Education's Hiring Information and Recruiting Enhancement System. It is an automated e-Recruitment system that converts ED from a paper-based recruitment process to an automated business process and is designed to assist applicants in finding and applying for ED jobs. Prospective applicants will now have the capability to prepare and submit applications to ED via the Internet.

  • EdHIRES introduction

  • Search EdHIRES for IES vacancies
    On this search page, you can either search by Keyword or by Agency. To view current vacancies at NCES by Agency, please select the Institute of Education Sciences in the Agency box. You must indicate Applicant Eligibility at the bottom of this form to receive search results.

  • Although not required, it is suggested that, all information contained in the optional federal employment application
    (OF-612) be included in submissions.
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