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About FSIS
Office of Public Health Science
OPHS provides expert scientific analysis, advice, data, and recommendations on all matters involving public health and science that are of concern to FSIS.
Employee in laboratory OPHS Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2010 (PDF Only)
The Annual Report highlights the outstanding work completed by OPHS employees to accomplish the Agency's mission.
Petri dishes / Salmonella testing Guidebooks & Methods
Current protocols for analytical tests required by FSIS are presented in the Chemistry, Microbiology, and Pathology Laboratory Guidebooks.
Photo of test tubes Data Collection & Reports
FSIS collects scientific information and generates various reports from data systems in support of the Agency's farm-to-table strategies in the disciplines of chemistry, pathology, and microbiology.
Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) Division
The FSIS FERN Division will work with the Department of Health and Human Services' Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to expand and manage an existing group of more than 90 federal, state, and local laboratories with the capability to detect and identify biological, chemical and radiological agents in food.

Human Health Sciences Division
This Division supports the FSIS public health mission through gathering and interpreting human health data. The Division also maintains liaison relationships with Federal, State and territorial public health partners, and coordinates the investigation of consumer complaints.

Laboratory QA/QC Division
This Division administers chemistry, microbiology, and veterinary pathology quality assurance and quality control functions for the Field Service Laboratories and the Microbial Outbreaks and Special Projects Branch.

Management Support Staff
This staff provides all management, administrative and budget support for OPHS, programmatic oversight in areas of laboratory programs, special projects, training, and continuous improvement impacting the Agency. It provides management and financial oversight for the Accredited Laboratory Program.

Microbiology Division
This Division provides scientific support for hazard analysis and advances the application of new technologies and approaches to detect, prevent, and control foodborne diseases. Areas of responsibility include the design and coordination of microbiological baseline studies, foreign equivalency reviews, training, in-plant auditing, and regulation review. Periodic reports are published on the Microbiology page.

National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods
The National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods (NACMCF) provides impartial, scientific advice to federal food safety agencies. The Executive Secretariat for this advisory committee is housed within OPHS.

Regulatory Field Services Laboratories
Scientific testing aids in the detection and prevention of foodborne illness outbreaks. To support FSIS' farm-to-table food safety strategies, three field laboratories conduct scientific tests in the disciplines of chemistry, microbiology, and pathology.

Risk Assessment Division
This Division develops and performs risk assessments of biological/chemical hazards in meat, poultry and egg products in support of the Agency's policy development activities. These risk assessments are used to evaluate intervention strategies to reduce foodborne risks and to guide, support, and enhance the Agency's overall decision-making process, risk-management policies, outreach efforts, data collection initiatives, and research priorities.

Zoonotic Diseases & Residue Surveillance Division
This Division monitors and evaluates public health hazards (chemical, physical and microbial) associated with animal populations. The group provides leadership in identifying food safety concerns associated with animal production, transportation, marketing, and the pre-slaughter preparation of livestock and poultry.

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