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Understanding Medical Words Tutorial: Download Instructions

The tutorial is for demonstration purposes and can be downloaded and viewed when no Internet connection is available.
Download: Understanding Medical Words [16MB zip file]

Download instructions:

  1. Click on the link for the downloadable version of the file. Since the downloadable files are compressed into a zip format, not all software packages will follow the step-by-step directions below.

  2. Save the "zip" file to your hard drive or disk, noting where you saved it. The name of the zipped file folder is

  3. Unzip and extract the files using WinZip® (About WinZip: or similar software and be sure to extract ALL the files to the same location. The names of the extracted files are:
    • Directories
      • audio [contains 221 mp3 files]
      • slides [contains 80 swf files]
    • appendix_header.png
    • appendixa.html
    • appendixb.html
    • correct.mp3
    • index.html
    • oneMoreBlank.mp3
    • slideShow.html
    • slideShow.swf
    • try_again.mp3

  4. To start running the tutorial, double click on the extracted file named index.html (the large file may take a minute to load).

Please note: On slide 75 there are buttons that in the live version link to two files and to the MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary. The buttons will not work if you do not have an Internet connection. The two files, appendixa.html and appendix.html, are included in the zipped file as html files. You will need to view them separately. The dictionary button links to the MedlinePlus web site. On slide 76 is a button linking to MedlinePlus home page. These buttons will not work without an Internet connection.