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Avian Influenza Training
Provides the in-plant inspection team with the information and resources needed to recognize clinical signs and gross lesions that could be suggestive of Avian Influenza.

Enforcement Investigations and Analysis Officer (EIAO) Training
The FSIS Enforcement Investigations and Analysis Officer (EIAO) conducts comprehensive food safety assessments at establishments in which they consider all food safety aspects that relate to that establishment and its products, the nature and source of all materials received, the establishment's processes, and the environment of the establishment. The EIAO primarily focuses on the design and validity of the hazard analysis, HACCP plan; Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (Sanitation SOPs), pre-requisite programs, testing programs, e.g., its generic E. coli written procedures; and any other programs that constitute the establishment's food safety system. To properly train the EIAO, FSIS offers an intense four week classroom course in conjunction with the Texas Agriculture Experiment Station that covers a wide variety of topics, many of which are delivered by subject matter experts from outside FSIS. The topics that are delivered by FSIS instructors are provided here in a downloadable format.
Export Verification Training
FSIS-6005: Export Verification is designed to provide current Agency policy pertaining to Export Certification, Re-Inspection of Product Intended for Export, and Certifying Beef Products under Export Verification Programs.

Entry Training for the Public Health Veterinarian
FSIS has tailored a training program to prepare the Public Health Veterinarian (PHV) to work as part of an in-plant team in establishments that slaughter different animal species and process different types of food products. The training – Entry Training for PHV – is a nine week program which is focused on FSIS’ mission of improving and protecting public health. The three weeks classroom curriculum is designed to cover three main categories: FSIS as a public health regulatory agency, animal dispositions/food safety, and FSIS administrative overview. The other six weeks consist of three weeks spent in the plant environment with an assigned mentor and three weeks of Food Safety Regulatory Essentials (FSRE) training.

Food Safety Regulatory Essentials
FSIS is providing training to reinforce the understanding of how to perform food safety duties. The training - Food Safety Regulatory Essentials Training (FSRE) - is based on the recently issued FSIS Directive 5000.1, Revision 3, Verifying an Establishment's Food Safety System. The directive outlines the full range of inspection responsibilities in relation to the HACCP/Pathogen Reduction regulation. In addition, it incorporates all recent Agency issuances (Directives, notices) related to these topics.

Humane Handling of Livestock (PDF Only)
FSIS provides basic humane handling of livestock training, which describes how inspection personnel should approach the activities of ensuring handling and slaughter of livestock are humane and in compliance with humane slaughter laws. Inspection personnel at establishments also receive training on the thought process and systematic approach for the handling of animals as outlined in the recently revised humane handling directive (PDF Only). Recent training was issued using a situation based approach and included the following modules.
Slaughter Inspection Training
Provides basic information to the new FSIS Food Inspector, with an emphasis on the public health mission. The topics covered include new employee orientation, regulatory environment, ante and post mortem inspection, professionalism, food security overview, HACCP overview, and other topics needed by the on-line inspector. There are two versions of this training (poultry or livestock), depending on the employee’s assignment.

FY 2012 Training Calendar (PDF Only)
View the full upcoming course calendar published by the FSIS Center for Learning.

Last Modified: February 17, 2012



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