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Mathematicians Quiz
Complete this profile and learn which famous mathematician shares your interests.
  1. chalk board with math equations on itHow would you describe probability?
     The likelihood of an event occurring.
     Something that isn't used so much for symbolic logic.
     The outcome of the Pythagorean theorem.
     I can't tell you.
     The sum of a perfect square.
     Something with no role in mechanics.
     Something used in physics to predict new events.
     Something that isn't needed for a geometry proof.
     As a chaotic system with irregular behavior.

  2. How is math important in your life?
     Mathematics can be appreciated for its beauty of structure.
     Technology and the progress of thought invigorates me.
     I enjoy math for its certainty and solid answers.
     Discovering new fundamental laws of the universe is my thrill.
     I am curious and I love scientific and mathematical study.
     It's fun to trick my friends with math games.
     All things are numbers; this is the harmony of the universe.
     I like creating new ways to think.
     Math, philosophy and theology are equally important.

  3. green tractorTell me a little bit about how you see yourself in the future.
     I work for the government.
     I was raised to be a farmer.
     I'm an inventor.
     I'm a lawyer.
     I work for the Post Office.
     I'm a teacher.
     I'm a research mathematician.
     I'm a member of the armed forces.
     I'm a vegetarian.

  4. What's your favorite branch of higher mathematics?
     Computer programming
     Applied probability
     Number theory

  5. the eiffel towerWhich city would you like to visit or learn about?
     Leipzig, Germany
     New York, USA
     Babylonia (ancient city)
     Nice (pronounced "Neese"), France
     Washington, DC, USA
     Cambridge, England
     Milan, Italy
     Paris, France
     Alexandria, Egypt

  6. If you could visit any century, which would it be?
     No time travel for me, thanks!
     The 200s, the 3rd century BC.
     The 400s, the 5th century BC.
     The 1600s, the 17th century.
     The 1700s, the 18th century.
     The 1900s, the 20th century.
     The 2000s, the 21th century.
     The future.
     A time period not listed here.

  7. what's in a nameWhich of these names is the coolest?

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