For almost 50 years, IESC has stayed true to its original, guiding principle: The creation of Prosperity & Stability through Private Enterprise development. We remain firm in the belief that the surest way to create sustainable economies, democratic systems and friendly partners for America is by helping to build successful enterprises and creating an environment in which business can flourish on its own merits without undue interference or favoritism. IESC's experts, both paid and volunteer, strive to build enterprises that deliver real value and leave behind real skills in the people and communities where we work.

Some have called us The Private Sector Non-Profit. since we approach our projects with the professionalism of a corporate consultancy and the values of an NGO. Profits and growth for their own sake, however, are not enough for IESC -- our projects must also implicitly contribute to the greater good by reducing poverty and raising the standard of living. This core objective of doing good while helping our clients do well is central to our five practices.

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IESC Launches New Project in Morocco


On August 22 IESC celebrated the successful launch of the Liberia Investing for Business Expansion Program in Monrovia, Liberia. Read more...

South Sudan

IESC's Diplomatic Training Course helps prepare South Sudan's newest class of mid-level officers for work in embassies around the world. Read more...


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