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Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Program (SC1, SC2, SC3)

SCORE is a developmental program that seeks to increase the research competitiveness of investigators at minority-serving institutions with 50 percent or more enrollments of students from groups underrepresented in biomedical and behavioral research, and to increase the research capabilities of these institutions. To better achieve these objectives, the SCORE Program offers separate funding opportunities for individual investigator-initiated research awards. The mechanisms used for these funding opportunities are the SC1 (PAR-08-026), SC2 (PAR-08-027) and SC3 (PAR-08-028) awards. Research proposed under any of the investigator-initiated SCORE award mechanisms must fall within the scope of the NIH mission.

For additional information about SCORE awards, see the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts, November 16, 2007, or call Dr. Hinda Zlotnik at 301-594-3900. A list of NIH Institutes participating in SCORE SC1 and SC2 awards may be found at

Note: NIGMS is extending the SCORE Program receipt and expiration date to September 8, 2012. For additional information, see NIH Guide notices NOT-GM-11-101 (SC1), NOT-GM-11-102 (SC2) and NOT-GM-11-103 (SC3).

SCORE Supplemental Instructions for Noncompeting Progress Report

SCORE Participating Institutions

SCORE Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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