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Today is the 23rd anniversay of the Loma Prieta EQ. It struck just as a World Series game was starting. Remember it?

Hi You can get an idea of how much (or little) earthquakes have affected every state here:

Maine is not a stranger to earthquakes. It had 20 measurable occurrences between 1974-2003:

Earthquake magnitude is refined as more data arrives. Initial approximation gives EMS & other agencies an idea of potential damage.

Our earthquake reports have a DYFI? tab. That's "Did You Feel It?" Here's the direct link:

Ever wonder who the first female geologist hired by the USGS was? Click here to find out -

It's and the theme is "Discovering Careers in the Earth Sciences". See USGS scientists in action at

Cyanobacteria in KS, Methane in NY, Super Gage in IL - Check out recently released news in your State!

Measuring Landscape Disturbance of Gas Exploration in Bradford Co & Washington Co in PA documenting changes

Sci Feat: USGS & Research- Looking Forward explore topics USGS discussing at The Wildlife Society's 2012 Conf

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