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Thank you to Francis Collins, Judith Greenberg, speakers and organizers of the NIGMS 50th Anniversary Symposium!

Dr. Mitchison: Taxol does something in tumor cells, but we don't quite know what it is; blocking mitosis not the whole story.

Dr. Mitchison: Does the monastrol result tell us anything about mitosis-specific drugs? There is a role for academia in failure analysis.

Dr. Mitchison: Does the kinesin-5 inhibitor monastrol kill dividing cancer cells, but without taxol's neurotoxicity? No.

Dr. Tim Mitchison is showing us his first NIH grant application from 1987. It was funded; how would it do today?

Dr. Giacomini: Copper administration protects against hearing loss during therapy in mice-pot app to humans

Dr. Giacomini: Investigate, Innovate, Collaborate, Inspire, Translate, like Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, and Hercule Poirot

Great question: Can you do genome-based ancestry reconstruction of Egyptian mummies?

More fully sequenced human genomes/exomes from populations with diverse histories needed to help address health disparities

Dr. Carlos Bustamante using population genomics to explore African and Latin American Diversity

For those of you on the NIH campus in Bethesda, talks will begin at 1:00 in Building 45, Ruth Kirschstein Auditorium.

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