How does Facebook use cookies, local storage or similar technologies when I use a mobile device?

Many mobile devices act just like computers, such as smart phones that support full-featured browsers. For those devices, Facebook and our partners use cookies and similar technologies in a way that is similar to when you are accessing the web from a computer.

When you install our app or when Facebook partners with other apps you use, we may obtain or receive information about your use of our app, your device or other apps. We use that information to understand and improve products, services, suggestions and ads for you and others. As on the web, we may use these technologies to store an identifier or other information on your device. This helps us, for example, understand, optimize and deliver services or advertising from Facebook or our partners. We may also work with our partners to receive information about the websites and apps you’re using so we can understand, customize and improve our products and services and those of our partners. For example, if we learn that you’re already using an app, when you click on a link in your news feed from that app, we can send you directly to that app. If you don’t have the app, we would instead send you to the app store so you could download the app.
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