Brand Permissions Center
Usage Guidelines
Welcome to the Facebook Brand Resource and Permissions Center. We have provided the resources below to help you clearly and effectively promote your presence on Facebook.
This section provides guidelines on how to make correct references in text to Facebook when offering your own products or services.
If you are looking for information regarding the use of our logos or screenshots, please visit the appropriate sections of this Brand Resource Center.
  1. You can make a reference to Facebook (online and offline) to describe your presence on Facebook and your use of our products and services. Your reference must be truthful, and cannot suggest that you are affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Facebook.
  2. Textual references to Facebook should never be hyperlinked to anything but the login page.
  3. Never combine your name with our name.
  4. Facebook should be in the same font size and style as the other content.
  5. When referenced in text, Facebook should be capitalized.
  6. When inviting users to like your Page, say 'like our Page' or 'become a fan by clicking Like on our Page'. Do not invite them to 'friend' your Page - users can only become friends with other users.
  7. Do not use Facebook, or any other of our trademarks, as a verb. And don’t pluralize them either. Trademarks may not be modified in that manner.
  8. When referring to Facebook as the method by which you are organizing an event, you must make it clear that you, and not Facebook, are responsible for the event.
Vanity URLs
You are allowed to refer to and promote your Facebook vanity url so long as:
  1. Your vanity URL links to your Facebook page and nowhere else.
  2. Facebook should be in the same font size and style as the other content.

Additional Resources