What happened to my video?

Before reading about the options available to you, we first need to understand exactly what happened to your video. Was your video removed, muted, or blocked in some or all countries? Is it currently displaying advertisements?

If your video was REMOVED due to a third party notification of alleged copyright infringement, a notice will appear on your "My Videos" page.

You can see an example here:

If this happened, you have a copyright strike against your account.

If your video was MUTED, BLOCKED IN SOME OR ALL COUNTRIES, or is DISPLAYING ADVERTISEMENTS, YouTube's Content ID system has identified copyright content in your video.

Content ID matches will appear next to the video on your "My Videos" page, and the video will also be listed on your "Content ID Matches" page.

You can see an example below:

If this happened, you do not currently have a copyright strike against your account.

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