Flagging on YouTube: The Basics


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Uploaded by on Nov 11, 2008

Got questions about how to flag a video on YouTube? Check out this video.




Standard YouTube License

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  • Youtube guideline enforcement is a hypocritical & incompetent mess.

    One example: there’s a very popular ‘prank’ video out there (4m+ views) showing a woman shooting her BF with a paintball gun in the shower. You should NEVER even point a loaded paintball gun anywhere near people not wearing goggles- paintballs can blind in an instant. Kids WILL watch & emulate. This vid is highly dangerous & should be taken down, but it’s from a featured channel- more ad revenue for YT - so no problems.

  • On a positive note, I'm glad to see YouTube have resisted the unthinking, censorious pressure to not allow footage of the Bradford City fire disaster (1985) on the site- it's an important historical record of a terrible event, & should remain widely available.

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