Episode:18 My Early Symptoms of HIV


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Uploaded by on Jul 27, 2010

I've had a lot of messages with people asking me my inital symptoms, and how I knew that I had HIV, so just answering the question!


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  • Takes a lot of courage to tell your story!

  • All Retroviral Drugs are DNA chain terminators which slowly over time destroy the human DNA that is reproduced by the organic DNA printing machine so effectively you self terminate your DNA structure causing AIDS because the building blocks of your body are systematically destroyed

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  • One gets "HIV" by taking a test that says on the box, "This test does not indicate the presence of HIV." The test is interpreted differently in different countries and indicates "markers" rather than reliable existence of a particular "virus" (actually HIV is a "retro-virus" -- a biological function, no contagious "thing"). The tests are meant to be step one of a dangerous progression that includes using people to move money from insurance companies to drug companies. Those drugs cause death.

  • The point is that HIV is not a scary boogeyman and not a need for dangerous and lethal "drugs" -- there is zero science that says HIV is the cause of AIDS, though plenty of lies and propaganda. I can't say it any simpler than that. There's an excellent book (2006) called "Serious Adverse Effects" that lays it out without a lot of hard-to-understand science and yet is very reliable and fact-based. Check it out.

  • What academic peer-reviewed journal or study did you get this from? Please provide a citation. If you are going to talk about DNA chain terminators (what a layman term) I think it is only fair to assume you have some sort of education in science, right?

  • how did you get HIV?

  • Yes thats what iv been trying to tell everyone but they have been so brainwashed for the past 30 years by Robert Gallo's BS that its almost impossible to convince them otherwise that this virus knows what country its in and they even believe theres such thing as a slow virus, lol its totally BS its criminal and people like Gallo and drug companys are making a fortune but the lies are starting to fall apart give it time its going to get nasty 4 those people who perpetuate the lie.

  • Thanks brother! Much love :)

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