Understanding HIV and AIDS (HIV #1)


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Uploaded by on Feb 20, 2008

Over one million Americans have the sexually transmitted virus, HIV, which can lead to the deadly disease known as AIDS. Understanding HIV and AIDS is the first step in dealing with this STD.Watch More Health Videos at Health Guru: http://www.healthguru.com/?YT


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  • i like to ask a question, how does hiv attack the immune system? our immune system was made to attack diseases, if our bodys fights diseases, then how does hiv attack our bodys immune cells without dieing in the processs??

  • We are providing support to orphanages in South Africa. Have a look at what we do. Please visit the campaign and even if you do not have the chance to contribute, help spread the message to the whole world, lives may depend on your help. watch?v=Tm8Hwo6RpyQ

  • well if people learned to control their sexual urges a little better AIDS would only be a very small problem confined to a few hundred thousand drug addicts and unlucky blood transfusion patients

  • i know... i have it

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