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Uploaded by on Aug 13, 2009

Freedomhealth is a private STD and HIV test and treatment centre in London UK. We see very many new cases of HIV infection every year and are particularly familiar with the early symptoms of HIV. Open Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 6.30 pm and Saturdays 10.30 am to 3.30 pm for appointments, walk-ins and also telephone consultations. Call us on 02076371600 and speak with one of our lovely friendly reception staff. Fast, accurate, ultra-comfortable and ultra-clean private clinic in the heart of London. www.freedomhealth.co.uk HIV/HIV testing London. STD Test London, STI Test London, STD Testing London, STI Testing London, STD Clinic London, STI Clinic London, HIV Testing London, HIV Test London, STD Test City, STI Test City, HIV Test City London EARLY SYMPTOMS OF HIV, "Early symptoms of HIV" "symptoms of early HIV" "HIV symptoms" "early HIV testing"




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  • Remember that when you have unprotected sex you never know if you catch something right away, and you could pass it onto your innocent loved one.

  • Ive had some unprotected sex with some shady ass women in my life. Luckily I never contracted HIV. However, after the last time I screwed a nasty woman and waiting 8 long agonizing months waiting to get tested, I promised myself id never have unprotected sex again and I haven't.

  • People don't go to the BEAST medical system that invents AIDS in the 1st place. Don't let FEAR throw you in the arm of the ENEMY. Find alternative ways to detect your problem, & alternative ways to cure yourself.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AIDS.THERE IS SUCH THING AS FEAR PROPAGANDA TO KEEP U UNDER SUBJECTION & POWERLESS TO THE ENEMY. FREE SELF FROM FEAR, EDUCATE SELF SO U CAN SAVE YRSELF FROM THE BEAST GRIP. SICKNESS DON'T KILL YOU, IGNORANCE KILLS YOU. SEARCH HOW TO CURE YRSELF,BE YR OWN DOCTOR.

  • What are you on about ?? this is not about exercise , it's about * AIDS * and letting us know the first symptoms of the disease !! that's all

  • So basically you can have a basic cold or flu or the shits.. Best off, go get checked right. The lab in Illinois? which one? Abbott? Cute ..Monkey brains dude. And by the way, HIV isn't a virus

  • HIV was created by the United States government in a lab from Illinois in 1972.

  • this is really scary. people with HIV stay strong but dont spread it. and HIV negative people learn and stay away from it. its spreading too fast.

  • a 100% chance? I don't think so. Theres a 100% you're going to someday die

  • @chuckthedestroyer35 AIDS is not just a homosexual disease anyone can contract this disease rather gay or straight. Because if you're straight and sleeping with different partners there's a 100% chance you will contract a disease from one of those partners if you don't protect yourself.

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