Pop Star Knowingly Spreads HIV Virus


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Uploaded by on Aug 19, 2010

We cannot ASSume that someone is "clean" and disease free just because they "look good".

Click the link below for a news report of the story:


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  • Scary as fuck, she looks good. I'm dating my hand from now on.

  • Sorry, dude she's not my type and I don't hang around "clubs" ..for losers!!

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  • I've seen 'em. And if they're not on the lables anymore, it's because of PC pressures put on the condom makers by the immoral left. Don't wanna create a panic within the homosexual community, you see..... So then.... you wouldn't have any problem having sex with one rubber, even if you knew for a fact the girl had AIDS? Give me a fuckin' break. I'd do it myself for 10,000 dollars. But only if I was allowed to wear five.

  • im one of the 2% that don't.

  • Seems like she got HIV from a guy and doesn't give a shit who she might infect.

    But it seems as though it's difficult for a woman to pass it on to a guy.

    I'm not even convinced that HIV is the sole cause of AIDs.

    Only a percentage of people with HIV develop full-blown AIDs.

    So other factors could come into play--one's predisposition and natural immunity.

    It's like leprosy--no one is absolutely certain how it's transmitted, and only a small percent of those exposed to it contract the disease.

  • From now on I will only chop ugly girls from street to escort, as you know beauty are all evil HIV...

  • You can't TRUST these females


  • person that I see. One night of amazing sex is not worth discovering that one is HIV positive. Now, I'm not going to talk shit about people who do sleep around and whatnot, or whatever, but protect yourself! You think you've been exposed, go and get tested!

  • Knowing you are HIV positive, and not telling the people you have sex with is sick and wrong. And I'm sorry, but even NOT knowing is no excuse, and yes I do know that is it illegal to knowingly not tell your partners if you have the virus, and I'll tell you why I say that not knowing is no excuse: if you even think that you have been exposed to the HIV virus, it is YOUR responsibility to go and get tested.

    And furthermore, I may go to clubs and whatnot, but I do NOT go off and fuck every

  • honestly im so horny right now i probably would sleep with her still.

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