Seattle May Day Mayhem!


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Published on May 1, 2012 by

Windows smashed, fires started, smoke bombs, riot police take out protestors as L@L takes road trip to Seattle for the May Day protests!

Update, 10/11/2012: Portland Occupiers smash windows during march in "solidarity" with suspected anarchists who have information regarding these actions. See the aftermath at


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Uploader Comments (LaughingAtLiberals)

  • Not that I'm out to take sides, but I thought I'd point out that these are clearly not Occupiers, but Black Bloc anarchists (notice the black hoods all over).

  • For the brajillionth time, please take a look at my follow up blog and video, which links the black bloc activity to the Occupiers, 5440fight . com/2012/05/06/occupy-seattle-­mayor-top-cop-deserve-heat/ . You can't have a rally, invite everyone, turn no one away, include everyone, promote diversity of tactics and opinions, then disregard things that you don't approve of.

  • The person who published this video is trying to put what these people are doing in a positive light? It's disgusting. This isn't how you get your views heard by destroying other people's property.

  • Uhhh, like, no. Quite the opposite. Please check out some of my other videos! I expose these people for what they are.

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  • well if you stand there and not do anything you become part of the problem.

  • Speaking calmly and maturly hasn't worked either. Just saying.

  • Learn how to take better video. This footage is garbage.

  • Shocking of course they will destroy other people's property. It did not cost them a thing. Disgusting and shameful. If they are so proud to create such chaos, why do they cover their faces? COWARDS!

  • does breaking up people's properties really solving anything?

  • Yeah, what made you think that? Where does it say in the description or anywhere that this is a positive thing?

  • support from argentina! fuck the police!

  • Wake up ppl. Corporate fascism is going to destroy humanity.

  • a world with no borders? thats a stupid fucking idea.

  • Whatever there is going on here it is just not okay to destroy stuff just because u mad? My quess is most of them are bored as fuck.

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