MSNBC Undecided Voter Panel Leans More Toward Romney After Debate


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Published on Oct 16, 2012 by

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  • Romney = Jobs

    Obama = Food Stamps and Obamaphones

  • "So, why are you for Romney?"

    "Uh, the last four years, maybe. Haven't you been paying attention?"

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  • well dick- reagan created 15 million jobs in his first 4 yrs. with the same bad economy from the start- maybe it was worse with a 20% interest rate. obama takes responsibility for nothing and I blv this has been a deep,, deep flaw in his character since he was a baby boy

  • Typical MSNBC, 3 left , and they ended it there, probably because they were white and were by virtue of their skin color, expected to support Romney. The subtlety of the racial profiling here is not so subtle, and the pro-Obama bias is even more obvious. You have to be willing to accept lies as truth to call MSNBC legitimate and fair.

  • what about the 8 years before, the last four years?

  • interesting. two question. how does Romney plan to get jobs? and would you eliminate food stamps?

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