Official Minecraft 1.8.2 Xbox Trailer


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Published on Oct 15, 2012 by

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The brand new trailer for the Minecraft 1.8.2 Update release for the Xbox 360.

Thanks to the guys at Microsoft studios, 4J Studios and Mojang for asking us to do this trailer!

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  • That pig eat his sister

  • Already found a minor exploit in this update. If you keep the Bonus Chest option on the next time you enter a world you used it for, another one, complete with contents, will spawn next to you. I was pleasantly surprised when I spawned in my hillside dwelling and found one right next to me. XP

    Aside from that, I'm loving the update so far. :)

  • If you look at the HUD, it shows the buttons, so XBox.

  • Was this filmed on the Xbox version or the PC?

  • is this the newest minecraft version for xbox ?

  • is there strongholds in it?

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