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Published on Oct 14, 2012 by

Debate This! is a co-production of Rebellious Truths and The Comeback America Initiative (, featuring footage from The Can Kicks Back ( In this video, the youth of America speak frankly to their concerns about the debt crisis and our nation's ills, connecting them to the first presidential debate and what they did not see versus what they need to see. We have been documenting students from all across this nation on our bus tour and got former Comptroller G, D-Walker, talking to students, giving them the nonpartisan truth about how we can help pressure our candidates to be asked the tough questions and to make the tough choices in order to get our country out of the suck tunnel! Share this video and demand specifics, tough questions, and tough choices of the candidates beyond partisanship!


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  • Vote for Jill Stein, Elizabeth Warren

  • I'm starting to think that it is more of the one percent of the world who are making the calls right now. Because from what I see, its the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Now I know that this has been said so many times, but that is what I truly see. And yes, I totally agree with this video. We are eventually going to get all the bullcrap from this generation, but obviously not many people think about the future when they have the past haunting their present.

  • from all the wars. War isn't cheap. they say it doesn't add to the debt. Ok we spend the money so there for it adds to the debt. Know what I mean, that money isn't in another bank account somewhere seperate from our other money its all money we didn't have to begin with but somehow seem to gather more and spend it. it doesn't come from china either I dont know y they lie so much. (money isn't real btw)

  • Well the government practically bought the bankrupt GM. Bought out all the toxic assets from the investment banks. Been pumping money into the economy with government projects in the name of stimulus. Passed medicaid. So on and so forth. Where do you think the money is coming from? Tax revenue? AHAHAHAH! good one.

  • what's up with the audio? Constantly jumping from the right and left

  • Interest. They are all loans so if you don't add or subtract anything, its still going to build regardless. So when people blame Obama for 16 trillion dollars of debt, they are really misinformed.

  • If the president inherit 3 trillion how did we got to 7 trillion in four years? please explain.

  • Atlas is going to shrug.

  • Tycho! That's awesome

  • I'm literally gonna move to canada

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