May Day display: Hundreds of thousands rally worldwide


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Published on May 1, 2012 by

Moscow's streets are brimming with people this May Day - with most celebrating, and some demonstrating. Trade Unions marched under the Labour Day flag to demand better working conditions. And even Russia's ruling tandem took to spearheading a crowd of their supporters. RT's Irina Galushko was there.
Opposition members are also out to get their message across. Among them, the country's second-largest party, which still refuses to accept last year's parliamentary election results, and is unhappy about Vladimir Putin's return to The Kremlin. Jacob Greaves reports from amid a sea of red flags.
May the 1st is also being marked with mass Labour Day marches worldwide. In Europe - several large nationwide demos are underway.

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  • Looked today at news. In "totalitarian" Russia: the police didn't beat and didn't arrest demonstrators. In the "freedom-loving" West: the police was occupied the whole day with beating and arrests of demonstrators. I am frightened by western "Democracy"...

  • that's so good! on the occasion May 1 Labor Day. We thumps beer with his friends. All the orders of are very pleasure =) (from Penza)

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  • You're right, they shoot people in Russia cuz they don't give a fuck!

  • Also today, May 13th 2012, thousands of Russians'walk through the streets of Moswcow. They do not celebrate anything, nor they do they enjoy the weather. They protest against Putin's illegal and unconstitutional appointment of beeing president for the 3rd time. Moscow police do not arrest them, for the police doesn't know how or why to. See this Dutch foto and report (leave the open spaces)

    h t t p : //nos . nl/artikel/372605-duizenden-wa­ndelen-tegen-poetin. html

  • C'mon russia....update that shitty music!

  • Maybe because its a serious holiday in Russia and taken seriously unlike here where its plagued by self righteous douchebags and idiots committing childish crimes

  • Why are all the communist supporters old men?

  • I have told u waaay too much, if u can't grasp it is not my problem, is urs, I know that if someday u pay attention and do ur dully research you will eventually comprehend everything I have said to u. we r not what u think we r.

  • well about pulling things out of the arse, let me tell u, absolutely everything u experience as real come from the I Magi nation, which is the place where El is the cornerstone of the magick that manifest reality it is the place where every book has ever been thought up and manifested as real where even strangelets are born, is where the wizard of Oz dwells, the wizard of us, u need to get out of ur box and know urself, to know my sources u just need to look around, look, look, look everywhere!

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