Who Won "Last Night's" Debate?


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Published on Oct 17, 2012 by

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Who Won "Last Night's" Debate?

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  • "What presidential debate?" (Everyone claps)

    "They had one last night?" (Crowd woo'ing)

    "Who's running for president?" (Face palm)

  • Now that last guy was at least honest.. lol

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  • At least they would be right! It's a fact Obama was not born in the United States and he is a Muslim!

  • Notice only Obamabots lies..then they stop asking.

  • seems the average American spews out just as much bullshit as their presidential candidates

  • These people lie because they don't want to be left out to look like idiots, its the same effect the people got when that guy went to the mall and acted like a celebrity and people fell for it.

  • FYI: "the 47%" is disinformation, a popular, but unfounded opinion of far Right wingers.

  • Christ. This is embarrassing... Tho funny. But embarrassing.

  • I can't laugh, it's just too pathetic to laugh at.

  • I hope these fools that was in the video see themselves. Needless to say uninformed voters are what's wrong with America. Could this be part of the 47%?

  • Every one of these people does not deserve to live. This is the epitome of ignorance. SHAME SHAME SHAME

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