May Day means remergence of OWS


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Published on May 1, 2012 by

May Day marks the first nationwide strike in US history, and now the Occupy Wall street movement has ressurected the worker's holiday, calling it "a day without the 99%". RT web producer Andrew Blake is in New York where it all started and thousands are gathered to rally today. He joins RT's Abby Martin for more on the day's event there.

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  • The first thing that came to my mind was "BOOBIES!!!"

  • I wish all media would be objective and let these people's opinions be heard

    As everyone deserve

  • Yes, dumbarse, they were highly critical of the Russian government and of Putin for their actions during the previous Russian elections and the protests that followed.

  • RT loves Putin. Ever see a bad story about Putin on RT?

  • Good to see it come back. Now lets see what happens when winter isn't just around the corner.

  • You have no clue do you? May day wasn't about OWS, you do realize it was all the Labor unions that got together to make this happen right? But I guess you where to stupid to go find out what was really happening.. I pitty you man really I do.

  • just vote ron paul

  • Harsh winter? Where? Antarctica? These people are full of shit.

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