(Oktoberfest) Guy Slaps Cop


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Published on Oct 14, 2012 by

South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Allegedly he was spitting on people, throwing beer, and starting fights.

Police Officer William Gress, has been the subject of 13 federal lawsuits, 11 of which he lost. Costing the taxpayers $295,000 in payouts.


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  • So I shouldnt be a cop because I dont believe in hurting people? lol...YOU SAID IT!

    peace officers...no longer exist. At least you are smart enough to notice that.

    As far as me being a moron because I think the guy should have been fined or in jail for the night...I guess that is your opinion. If you think we should deal justice out by ourselves then prepare for fucking war!

    Dont tailgate me man...i might just stop the car, block the road and put a fat bullet in your skull.

  • If you don't want to suffer a beating at the hands of the police, then don't assault them. Being a former reserve deputy, I worked with officers, some of which who didn't care for each other. But it you assaulted one of us or shot at one of us, then entire brotherhood came down on you. We regarded each other as family.

  • ...and now we know why you're not a cop. Also why we need to get away from the Jury system in this country. Because absolute morons like you could be allowed to serve on one.

  • Hmmmm.... You sound like you need to be in time out... Your level of anger and violent temperament is going to get you or someone else hurt. Simmer down now.

  • Yes and those people are the reason that law enforcement exists in the first place. To protect the honest, hard working, God fearin' folks from angry, pugnacious neanderthals that belong in cages.

  • actually its very common. Places in every major city that a cop will not go through. They know better. The people there dont call the cops for their problems. So when they see one they know he is just looking to bust someone. And if a cop does go through a neighborhood he isnt welcomed in i promise you he would never pull some shit like this. he would have 300 people swarming him within a minute.

    Ask a cop that has worked in ANY major city...certain areas they will not fuck with.

  • I agree Philly is an armpit. But this cop is also an ass who's the subject of numerous lawsuits including assaulting a girl and breaking her wrist for drawing sidewalk art with washable solution. Thanks to decades of Democrat rule and union corruption, this cop won't get fired or disciplined. And if he does, you can bet somehow the tax payers will be paying for his retirement. Glad Im out of that shit hole. One less tax payer.

  • He deserved to get shot because a he smacked a loud ass cop that was getting in his face?

    Can I chop your dick off and suffocate you with it so that you can never write another dumbass comment again?

  • In that sense justice needs to be served on the cop. The guy who hit him didnt use weapons, he didnt have people holding the cop down for him.

    This cop is a straight coward. I bet if the same guy walked up to him when he was out of uniform the next week he would run away as fast as he could.

  • Secret? I dont know what the hell your even talking about. I guess you ran out of shit to say? Pretty small on words for someone who claims he is a God. lmao

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