Innocent until proven guilty dog


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Published on Oct 15, 2012 by

A dog is questioned when her owner comes home and sees that his bed sheets were ruined. The dog hides in the shower and looks more than guilty!

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  • "Don't make eye contact! Don't make eye contact! Don't make eye contact!"

  • "ahh and now she's praying" gets me every time lol

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  • That was so cute!!!

  • it wasnt the dog, it was your wife while i was fucking her.

  • No, none of my comment have been removed, sorry. Since your reason comprehension levels leave a lot to be desired, let me help you. Now, pay attention and follow along - I'm not the original commentator you responded to. *gasp and shock* I just thought your stunning display of useless vulgarity deserved to be pointed out. I didn't think you were so stupid as to not even be able to read names, but thanks for proving me wrong even in that.  Good job!

  • he doesn't know why your mad at him dogs only respond to correction within about 3 seconds of the offense otherwise they don't look back and think oh boy he is mad and I don't want to get bit. pretty dog by the way.

  • look my channel my pets

  • Thats what my Husky Sasha does after we catch her staling food from the table.

  • 0:28 I laughed SO HARD! :D

  • She wants a bath!

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