Woman At VP Debate Calls Obama A Communist


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Published on Oct 11, 2012 by

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  • What a stupid bitch....

  • btw, McCarthy is demeaned because it is said that he made unfounded accusations that there were communists in our government and in Hollywood. When the Soviet Union collapsed, for a while they implemented the equivalent of our Freedom of Information Act. There WERE a number of Soviet Agents who working in our govt, including Alger Hiss, whom the Left and Roosevelt defended and said was not, yet Russian documents proved he was a Communist and Russian agent. He also was the first Sec Gen of UN

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  • what a moron, shes just like romney. cant explain her idiotic thoughts, just says them.

  • Well, you say you attend Bates and understand forms of government, yet claim that communism in theory is a realy good system.

    Forgive me if I am not impressed, Name ONE communist govt that did NOT brutalize it's people or murder a large number of them or people in neighboring countries. Which communist govt did not strip it's people of the most basic of freedoms or access to informormation? Which one did not exploit the people while it's leaders drove Mercedes and lived like royalty?

  • That's no communism, that's good common sense!

  • Obama said he believes in redistribution. That's communist.

  • 'Do your homework buddy' stfu bitch

  • You may be happy Republican but know this, your slogan against president is Obama the socialist. Just because he's fighting to restore the dignity of ordinary people like my self.

  • They call him Socialist because Obama fights to Improve Public Education. They don't want to see Poor Children becoming competitive like their sons & daughters.

    They can't dominate or oppress our society then. Awful ! Shame on these people.

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