6 Fake Bacons for the Impending Baconpocalypse


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Published on Oct 3, 2012 by

Supertaster preps for the upcoming end of bacon with six bacon alternatives: turkey bacons from Oscar Mayer and Wellshire Farms, and veggie protein bacons from MorningStar, Lightlife (Organic Smoky Tempeh Strips and Smart Bacon), and Turtle Island Foods.

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  • There is NO substitute for REAL bacon! Half of the crap that was tested looked EXACTLY like that: DOG CRAP!

  • Well, it depends on what you mean by "substitute." I gotta be honest: A decent turkey bacon works for me for a weekday breakfast. But if I'm going all out, I tend to go for Nueske's applewood-smooked...

  • Don't neglect duck bacon! Duck bacon is super legit.

  • I couldn't find any / didn't see any, but I'd love to try it. My brother was just emailing me today about duck prosciutto, I wonder what's going on with all this duck-related excitement.

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  • the end of epicmealtime

  • Becareful on those protien processed Bacon and other items similar.... They may be using the converterd Fecal matter (poop) and extracting the protien, mash it up, and other processes, Then BAM poopy Bacon. Some Japanese douche invented. Talk about making people eat crap. Be-aware

  • Beef Bacon is pretty awesome.

  • Everything is (geo)political.

  • Hey hey hey now, turkey bacon tastes delicate because you shouldn't start eating any of these products and then anticipate that it tastes like Bacon from a pig... because it isn't it's two extremely different animals. - Nonetheless this is still "bacon" though they should start calling the stuff what they are - Salted pork stripes - smoked or stuff like that.

  • search and watch Freaky ft Snuggz Swagg it out

  • Bacon, Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon? Bacon bacon bacon.. Bacon bacon bacon bacon.. Bacon?

  • I miracle I live in bacon mekka, Denmark.....

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